Oh Rachel, just accept that you blew the Trump Tax return story and move on.
Your explanation that people whipped themselves into a frenzy is complete bullshit. You knew that your tweet about having his returns would peak people’s interest and lure them to your show.
It’s a shame that you didn’t have a story. Not only was the return from 2005 (I was still in high school) but it proved that Trump paid his taxes. A gift to him from you.
You ran your show like it was a reality competition, waiting until the halfway mark to make your big reveal; which turned out to be nothing. But I can forgive that if you would admit that you screwed up. Also, stop placing the blame of the flop on your viewers! Of course, people had high expectations and expected some revelation. Your Rachel Maddow, a respected journalist, and Trump basher. I think what happened is the reaction you got was opposite of what you were expecting. People weren’t impressed, and according to you, it’s our fault.
Part of the problem is people don’t care about his taxes anymore. He won, he’s in office, and the world didn’t end. It’s a bit shaken up but for most Americans, our day to day is the same as it was under Obama, Bush and Clinton. Yeah, Muslim Americans lives have a little more edge to them now, but they’ve had that since 9/11. Trump is also going after illegal aliens, but every president has, it just wasn’t a centerpiece of their platform, so the news coverage wasn’t there. All in all, life has continued as always. People are exhausted from politics, protesting and doom and gloom news coverage. They are now focused on their lives, not Trump’s tax returns.
What I think is worse, is now if you try to get more tax returns people will see it as a witch hunt. You didn’t get what you wanted the first time and people will see you as gunning for him. You’ve made yourself unreliable and more biased in the view of Americans. Just another pot stirring journalist who was trying to entertain and not inform.

Just admit your mistake, there’s no shame in admitting when you’re wrong. It’s one of the first things you learn in kindergarten.

Marketing Reality


I was in the bathroom scrolling through my Facebook feed (don’t pretend like you don’t do it) when I came across a video that was posted by someone I knew back in High School. The video was a Latina reporter asking a white American if he was a racist. During the video, a black American came to his defense and asked the reporter why she asked him if he was a racist? The reporter became confused and stammered to find an answer. Clearly, she was surprised to see a black man defend a white man on the issue of race. Now, this video was clearly from the 90’s, and further research indicated it might be a 1994 or 1996 rally for Proposition 187 in California. I suspect the person who posted the video thought it was more recent than what it was. The bare bones of Prop 187 were some citizens in California wanted to make sure that illegal immigrants did not have access to public, tax funded services. The two men in the video supported the proposition, but the Latina reporter assumed only white people were giving it support. I mention this video because it got me thinking. This reporter already knew the story she wanted to report and was just looking for someone at the rally to support her narrative. So I asked myself, do companies like CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and Breitbart already have the story the written before they start reporting and looking for interviews? Are they marketing the news with a narrative that their audience will tune in to see?

The answer seems to be yes. I started looking for other videos and was surprised to find quite a few. The next one I found was from MSNBC. During the news, they cut to a trump rally were an African American Trump supporter was asked about David Duke. He said that people like David duke pop up during elections and that no one should pay him any mind. That we should stop with all the race baiting and remember were all Americans. Now I didn’t find anything wrong with his opinion, he’s entitled to it, but the MSNBC reporter was upset by it. She apparently wanted a white person interviewed about David Duke, but the black man interviewed ruined the story she and her network wanted to tell. She even admitted to cutting his mic and then offered an explanation that said the black Trump supporter was an anomaly, an outlier, one of a kind. The video clip link is here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NVVwZVd6ZM). His voice did not support the story she wanted to tell, so he was invalidated and tossed aside. This video and the previous one seemed like attempts at race baiting. It’s a disturbing thought to think that the media is trying to stir the pot. We don’t need any help with that, or maybe we do, and that’s why they are doing it.

Another video I found was a Black Trump supporter confronting a reporter when asked about white supremacist supporting Trump (they do). Now, this guy seemed to be a little worked up, I don’t know what was going on before the interview, but he was already confrontational. He expressed fatigue and anger at the media for trying to do what he saw as dividing people due to race. He also offered what I consider rather incorrect opinions of the Democratic party. But again he is free to express them. The question was then flipped back on the reporter when they asked him if a racist supporting Trump made Trump a racist. The reporter didn’t have an answer and only said “I’m just doing my job” Which says a lot. His job was to establish a narrative of racism with Trump and was stammered when the black Trump supporter disagreed with him. He cut the interview short and walked away. In all fairness to the supporters in the video, I also had never heard of Trump being a racist until he ran for president against the Democrats. But I also didn’t know there was more than one Kardashian until about a year ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxcAN0t6GrI

The last video I will mention is from CNN. First of all props to CNN for posting the full video on their website. They could have very easily edited it down or not post it all. I originally saw the video on youtube and was curious to see what version was on their site. In this video, Sheriff Don Lemon takes a stance that David Clarke was not expecting. I like David Clarke and was surprised by the difficulty he had with Sheriff Lemon. Right out of the gate the Sheriff made it very clear that he was not a fan of Black Lives Matter, that he didn’t believe they were sending messages of peace and love out of Baton Rouge. That Black Lives Matter promoted dangerous anti-police views that lead the deaths of 3 officers in Baton Rouge and the deaths of the officers in Dallas. He asked David if the Black Lives Matter protested the deaths of the officers the same way they did when a black citizen is shot by an officer David deflected the question and tried to take back control of the interview by circling to his original question. Unfortunately Sheriff Lemon wasn’t having any of it and eventually David had to cut to an unplanned commercial break. Things did not get much better. Sheriff Lemon accused the media of playing up police officer shootings and ignoring all the other murders. He cited a statistic that I can’t verify, claiming that when the shootings with police occurred in Louisiana and Minnesota, 21 black Americans were killed in the United States and received no attention. He implied that CNN didn’t care about them because the police weren’t involved. Which is probably right, people aren’t going to turn on the news or click a link about black on black crime when they can read or watch a story about an officer shooting. Especially after Furgeson and all the gifts that story gave the media. David didn’t seem interested in letting the Sheriff ask questions or express his views without talking over him. Sheriff lemon took his opportunity on national TV to express his views and was marginalized by David Clark because he did not fit the narrative CNN wanted to broadcast. I don’t agree with Sheriff Lemons assertion that Black Lives Matters has a hateful ideology. I’m sure some members do want to inflict violence on police, every group has a small bunch of people who take things too far. The Police have them too. Most police are good honest people, but those few bad cops give them all a black eye. The point of mentioning this video is on air the David tried and failed to steer the interview in a direction that would please their viewers. Sherriff Lemon put a stop to that in his interview. It’s a very interesting video, and I have a lot of respect for the Sheriff for sticking to his guns despite taking a stance that many find unpopular. http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/07/18/don-lemon-sheriff-david-clarke-police-shootings-full-intv-ctn.cnn

Now does this mean Trump is right to distrust the media? Yes and no. Yes because they are actively trying to take him down. No, because he also manipulates the media outlets he can to support his story. He takes it a little farther by saying everyone else is wrong and for some reason, his supporters believe him.

I won’t pretend to have a full understanding of movements like “Black Lives Matters,” or people who support Trump. I think the “All lives Matter Movement” was created in an attempt to marginalize the “Black Lives Matters Movement” but can’t understand why it’s followers can’t see it. But I’m pretty sure now that the media is trying it’s hardest to sell me their version of the truth. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to look at the other side, they see the news story that supports their view of the world, and they go with it. All news no matter the source should be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t take to the streets unless you know the story you have been told is true. If the reporter keeps saying the words “alleged,” “suspect,” the phrases “We are hearing” or “Sources say” then they don’t have any confirmation about what that are saying, then they are just reporting whatever they have, regardless if it’s right or not. But if you must act on your gut reaction, please do us all a favor and stop marching onto the highways. I don’t care what your marching for, once you go onto the highway and mess with my commute and ability to do my job, you lose my support and sympathy and if you get run over, I will not feel bad for you. It might sound harsh but, come on, you walked onto a highway, what do think is going to happen?

Take a second and check to see if your living in the real world or the one they are marketing to you.




The exit is still a few miles away, so I use the time to think about my episode. It must have been all the alcohol and drugs. My body is just not used to them. The alcohol and weed are nothing new, but the cocaine my passenger brought is. I’ve also been taking a nitric oxide supplement because it makes me tingle all over. On top of that, I’ve been mixing creatine into soda and energy drinks. I must have overloaded. I like the nitric oxide supplement, bought it and the creatine at a vitamin supplement store. They’re marketed for use by athletes and bodybuilders. Of which I’m neither. But I’ve been slamming it back every couple of hours because it makes me feel powerful. All though the first couple of times, the tingling sensation had me trying to claw my skin off. But it’s like anything else in life; you just need to get used to it. I never knew how many of these supplements existed to cheat athletes out of their money. When I was a trainer, I never bothered with the stuff. One interesting side effect of nitric oxide is it gets your libido going. Mine is already in overdrive due to the presence of my passenger. When I started this trip, I was still playing it safe. Doing the speed limit, obeying traffic lights, signs, and dodging pedestrians. Also, I was still taking my medication. Wellbutrin and Clonazepam. Evidently, everything I learned in school was wrong. Drugs are the answer. You can’t even function as an adult anymore without them, legal or otherwise. Soosi…Soosi, that’s her name, why couldn’t I remember that before? When I picked her up from her home in Virginia, I was getting ready to pop my meds when she slapped them out of my hand.
“Drugs are society’s way to control me,” she said as she threw the bottle with the remaining pills out of the car, “On them your calm and subdued, a complainant worker bee who contributes and doesn’t make waves.”
She stopped and lit a cigarette, a red one hundred before continuing, “But off them, you’re a wild card they can’t predict,”
Whether or not there is a conspiracy within the federal government to keep us all medicated I can’t say. But I wouldn’t be surprised to discover there was one. Stopping the Wellbutrin was easy. But the Clonazepam was a little harder to kick. Since it’s a Benzodiazepine, it was withdrawal effects. According to Wikipedia, they include anxiety, irritability, tremors, insomnia and delirium. But once I got through it I started to think with my natural mind again; utilizing the synapses that spark without prescription drugs. It’s more chaotic than I remember, but I’m getting used to it.

Soosi was the one who added the beer cooler and drugs, “You can’t experience freedom if you don’t break the law,” she said as I chugged a beer while changing lanes without using my blinker. So now I drink and drive, text and drive and experiment with illegal substances; at least for the duration of this trip.

I pull off on the exit that leads to the gas station. To be more accurate it’s a gas station, convenience store combo. I park next to a large overcompensating truck that advertises the insecurity and impotence of the owner. Funny that you never see women using big trucks and motorcycles to compensate for their perceived shortcomings. We should probably ask them what’s their secret. Whatever it is it must be cheaper than buying a truck.

Inside the fluorescent lights illuminate the wonder that is the convenience store. Designed for our on the go, fast past modern American lifestyle. Everyone regardless of status will find themselves in a convenience store. Get in, get out, grab what you need and leave; shopping for the short attention span. The people who own the store know they have a small window, so they maximize your exposure. Drinks, the product that most people want are in the back of the store. So you are forced to walk by all the other products on your way to the cooler. Then you have to pass them again on the way back. You’ll pass chips, candy, jerky, nuts and an array of other items you didn’t know you wanted. When you make it to the register, you often have more in your hands than intended. I decide to run the marketing gauntlet to stock up on energy drinks while Soosi buys a cheap cigar we can gut and stuff with weed. My favorite brand is on sale, two for four, so I grab six. Just touching the can makes my heart speed up. I have no idea what’s in these things, but they are so damn good that I don’t care. When I get to the counter, Soosi is picking out the cigar. She chooses one that claims to be grape flavored. She motions for me to add my drinks to her order. Six energy drinks, a grape cigar and another pack of cigarettes. The clerk, a dubious looking middle easterner, thank you “Fox News” for causing me to profile this man without thinking, starts to scan our items. It’s just over fifteen dollars. Soosi’s hand doesn’t move to her purse, an oversized messy thing that’s light blue with white trim along the opening, but instead, moves behind her back. My eyes widen when I see what’s nestled in the back of her jeans pressed against her tramp stamp. The black handle of a gun, a second amendment folly. My gaze moves to the security cameras above the clerks head. My hand moves to my wallet. If I can beat her to the draw, I can throw some cash down before she pulls out her constitutional blunder. Just as my clammy hand moves to my wallet, her hand moves past the gun and into her back pocket. She pulls out a business card and places it on the counter. As the clerk reads it, she pulls a twenty out of her purse and slides it across, “I’m usually online between nine PM and midnight,” the transaction completes, and the clerk bags our items without incident.

Back in the car she grabs an old Magazine off the back seat and starts to gut the cigar she bought and replace the tobacco with weed, “Show how much farther until New Orleans?” she asks.


I didn’t watch the Grammys, mostly because I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to. I don’t know any of the current artists, and even if I did, I still wouldn’t care. Plus I figured with our current political climate a lot of the speakers and winners would want to address them and that the performers might try to educate me. Now I’m a Democrat, a progressive or as the right likes to say a Liberal. Ever notice how they say it like it’s a dirty word? So most of what the celebrities would say I would probably be in agreement with. But if there is one area I do agree with Trumps supporters on, it’s that I don’t like celebrities giving me political advice or try to educate me on issues, political or otherwise.

However, I differ from the Trumpers on the reasons I don’t like it. Unfortunately, people put way to much stock in the opinions of celebrities, whose knowledge of the topics they speak on goes about skin deep, even shallower when talking about politics. Like most Americans, they only know what they see on the news, which these days caters to the audience rather than report the whole story. That’s right, the American consumer can now shop for news coverage that agrees with their chosen reality. The rich and famous are not a good bunch to base your opinion. Especially since despite their much talked about humble upbringings that they love to mention as much as the politicians do, most of them live in a bubble that none of us will ever be able to penetrate. They’re out of touch with the rest of us. So I don’t need a celebrity to tell me to stay strong, or peace and love, stand togeather and all the other empty words. Make no mistake about it; they are empty words. They protest when there’s something in it for them, publicity being a big reason and in the case of the Trump protests after his election, it was just the thing to do. You’ll notice none of them protest without snapping pictures of themselves doing so. I don’t recall any of them rushing to Arizona to help the mother who was just deported. Despite the fact, that many of them protested Trump’s election based on his immigration policy. I’m sure some tweets went out but what good are they? I did see a protester try to block the van, but he wasn’t a celebrity. Now had Beyonce thrown herself in front of the van maybe the outcome would have been different or at the very least a lot more people would have cared. Now I must stress I have no issue with celebrities exercising their freedom of speech, but just because someone is on T.V doesn’t mean they’re well informed. Kellyanne Conway is proof of that.
One of the main reasons the Trump supporters I have talked to said they voted for Trump was they were tired of being talked down to and insulted by the liberal elite and media. Now while Trump supporters to some extent deserve a little hazing, they will most likely vote Republican again in the 2018 midterms just to give us the middle finger if we don’t find a better way to address them. Just showing up at the polls is not enough, we also need to change a few minds. But we can’t do it if we preach, insult and talk down to them. Which unfortunately are our go-to moves, that a declaring a person racist if they don’t agree with us. We have to resist the urge to say, “We told you so,” if Trumpers are ever going to come to light.
So what did I watch instead of the Grammys? Why the Elimination Chamber PPV put on by the WWE. I hadn’t watched wrestling for a long time and thought I’d give it another shot. I fell asleep during the first match and woke up towards the end. I didn’t know any of the wrestlers, some short guy with a beard won. All in all, it was a pretty good Sunday.