I didn’t watch the Grammys, mostly because I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to. I don’t know any of the current artists, and even if I did, I still wouldn’t care. Plus I figured with our current political climate a lot of the speakers and winners would want to address them and that the performers might try to educate me. Now I’m a Democrat, a progressive or as the right likes to say a Liberal. Ever notice how they say it like it’s a dirty word? So most of what the celebrities would say I would probably be in agreement with. But if there is one area I do agree with Trumps supporters on, it’s that I don’t like celebrities giving me political advice or try to educate me on issues, political or otherwise.

However, I differ from the Trumpers on the reasons I don’t like it. Unfortunately, people put way to much stock in the opinions of celebrities, whose knowledge of the topics they speak on goes about skin deep, even shallower when talking about politics. Like most Americans, they only know what they see on the news, which these days caters to the audience rather than report the whole story. That’s right, the American consumer can now shop for news coverage that agrees with their chosen reality. The rich and famous are not a good bunch to base your opinion. Especially since despite their much talked about humble upbringings that they love to mention as much as the politicians do, most of them live in a bubble that none of us will ever be able to penetrate. They’re out of touch with the rest of us. So I don’t need a celebrity to tell me to stay strong, or peace and love, stand togeather and all the other empty words. Make no mistake about it; they are empty words. They protest when there’s something in it for them, publicity being a big reason and in the case of the Trump protests after his election, it was just the thing to do. You’ll notice none of them protest without snapping pictures of themselves doing so. I don’t recall any of them rushing to Arizona to help the mother who was just deported. Despite the fact, that many of them protested Trump’s election based on his immigration policy. I’m sure some tweets went out but what good are they? I did see a protester try to block the van, but he wasn’t a celebrity. Now had Beyonce thrown herself in front of the van maybe the outcome would have been different or at the very least a lot more people would have cared. Now I must stress I have no issue with celebrities exercising their freedom of speech, but just because someone is on T.V doesn’t mean they’re well informed. Kellyanne Conway is proof of that.
One of the main reasons the Trump supporters I have talked to said they voted for Trump was they were tired of being talked down to and insulted by the liberal elite and media. Now while Trump supporters to some extent deserve a little hazing, they will most likely vote Republican again in the 2018 midterms just to give us the middle finger if we don’t find a better way to address them. Just showing up at the polls is not enough, we also need to change a few minds. But we can’t do it if we preach, insult and talk down to them. Which unfortunately are our go-to moves, that a declaring a person racist if they don’t agree with us. We have to resist the urge to say, “We told you so,” if Trumpers are ever going to come to light.
So what did I watch instead of the Grammys? Why the Elimination Chamber PPV put on by the WWE. I hadn’t watched wrestling for a long time and thought I’d give it another shot. I fell asleep during the first match and woke up towards the end. I didn’t know any of the wrestlers, some short guy with a beard won. All in all, it was a pretty good Sunday.

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