I was in the bathroom scrolling through my Facebook feed (don’t pretend like you don’t do it) when I came across a video that was posted by someone I knew back in High School. The video was a Latina reporter asking a white American if he was a racist. During the video, a black American came to his defense and asked the reporter why she asked him if he was a racist? The reporter became confused and stammered to find an answer. Clearly, she was surprised to see a black man defend a white man on the issue of race. Now, this video was clearly from the 90’s, and further research indicated it might be a 1994 or 1996 rally for Proposition 187 in California. I suspect the person who posted the video thought it was more recent than what it was. The bare bones of Prop 187 were some citizens in California wanted to make sure that illegal immigrants did not have access to public, tax funded services. The two men in the video supported the proposition, but the Latina reporter assumed only white people were giving it support. I mention this video because it got me thinking. This reporter already knew the story she wanted to report and was just looking for someone at the rally to support her narrative. So I asked myself, do companies like CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and Breitbart already have the story the written before they start reporting and looking for interviews? Are they marketing the news with a narrative that their audience will tune in to see?

The answer seems to be yes. I started looking for other videos and was surprised to find quite a few. The next one I found was from MSNBC. During the news, they cut to a trump rally were an African American Trump supporter was asked about David Duke. He said that people like David duke pop up during elections and that no one should pay him any mind. That we should stop with all the race baiting and remember were all Americans. Now I didn’t find anything wrong with his opinion, he’s entitled to it, but the MSNBC reporter was upset by it. She apparently wanted a white person interviewed about David Duke, but the black man interviewed ruined the story she and her network wanted to tell. She even admitted to cutting his mic and then offered an explanation that said the black Trump supporter was an anomaly, an outlier, one of a kind. The video clip link is here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NVVwZVd6ZM). His voice did not support the story she wanted to tell, so he was invalidated and tossed aside. This video and the previous one seemed like attempts at race baiting. It’s a disturbing thought to think that the media is trying to stir the pot. We don’t need any help with that, or maybe we do, and that’s why they are doing it.

Another video I found was a Black Trump supporter confronting a reporter when asked about white supremacist supporting Trump (they do). Now, this guy seemed to be a little worked up, I don’t know what was going on before the interview, but he was already confrontational. He expressed fatigue and anger at the media for trying to do what he saw as dividing people due to race. He also offered what I consider rather incorrect opinions of the Democratic party. But again he is free to express them. The question was then flipped back on the reporter when they asked him if a racist supporting Trump made Trump a racist. The reporter didn’t have an answer and only said “I’m just doing my job” Which says a lot. His job was to establish a narrative of racism with Trump and was stammered when the black Trump supporter disagreed with him. He cut the interview short and walked away. In all fairness to the supporters in the video, I also had never heard of Trump being a racist until he ran for president against the Democrats. But I also didn’t know there was more than one Kardashian until about a year ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxcAN0t6GrI

The last video I will mention is from CNN. First of all props to CNN for posting the full video on their website. They could have very easily edited it down or not post it all. I originally saw the video on youtube and was curious to see what version was on their site. In this video, Sheriff Don Lemon takes a stance that David Clarke was not expecting. I like David Clarke and was surprised by the difficulty he had with Sheriff Lemon. Right out of the gate the Sheriff made it very clear that he was not a fan of Black Lives Matter, that he didn’t believe they were sending messages of peace and love out of Baton Rouge. That Black Lives Matter promoted dangerous anti-police views that lead the deaths of 3 officers in Baton Rouge and the deaths of the officers in Dallas. He asked David if the Black Lives Matter protested the deaths of the officers the same way they did when a black citizen is shot by an officer David deflected the question and tried to take back control of the interview by circling to his original question. Unfortunately Sheriff Lemon wasn’t having any of it and eventually David had to cut to an unplanned commercial break. Things did not get much better. Sheriff Lemon accused the media of playing up police officer shootings and ignoring all the other murders. He cited a statistic that I can’t verify, claiming that when the shootings with police occurred in Louisiana and Minnesota, 21 black Americans were killed in the United States and received no attention. He implied that CNN didn’t care about them because the police weren’t involved. Which is probably right, people aren’t going to turn on the news or click a link about black on black crime when they can read or watch a story about an officer shooting. Especially after Furgeson and all the gifts that story gave the media. David didn’t seem interested in letting the Sheriff ask questions or express his views without talking over him. Sheriff lemon took his opportunity on national TV to express his views and was marginalized by David Clark because he did not fit the narrative CNN wanted to broadcast. I don’t agree with Sheriff Lemons assertion that Black Lives Matters has a hateful ideology. I’m sure some members do want to inflict violence on police, every group has a small bunch of people who take things too far. The Police have them too. Most police are good honest people, but those few bad cops give them all a black eye. The point of mentioning this video is on air the David tried and failed to steer the interview in a direction that would please their viewers. Sherriff Lemon put a stop to that in his interview. It’s a very interesting video, and I have a lot of respect for the Sheriff for sticking to his guns despite taking a stance that many find unpopular. http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/07/18/don-lemon-sheriff-david-clarke-police-shootings-full-intv-ctn.cnn

Now does this mean Trump is right to distrust the media? Yes and no. Yes because they are actively trying to take him down. No, because he also manipulates the media outlets he can to support his story. He takes it a little farther by saying everyone else is wrong and for some reason, his supporters believe him.

I won’t pretend to have a full understanding of movements like “Black Lives Matters,” or people who support Trump. I think the “All lives Matter Movement” was created in an attempt to marginalize the “Black Lives Matters Movement” but can’t understand why it’s followers can’t see it. But I’m pretty sure now that the media is trying it’s hardest to sell me their version of the truth. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to look at the other side, they see the news story that supports their view of the world, and they go with it. All news no matter the source should be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t take to the streets unless you know the story you have been told is true. If the reporter keeps saying the words “alleged,” “suspect,” the phrases “We are hearing” or “Sources say” then they don’t have any confirmation about what that are saying, then they are just reporting whatever they have, regardless if it’s right or not. But if you must act on your gut reaction, please do us all a favor and stop marching onto the highways. I don’t care what your marching for, once you go onto the highway and mess with my commute and ability to do my job, you lose my support and sympathy and if you get run over, I will not feel bad for you. It might sound harsh but, come on, you walked onto a highway, what do think is going to happen?

Take a second and check to see if your living in the real world or the one they are marketing to you.



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