Oh Rachel, just accept that you blew the Trump Tax return story and move on.
Your explanation that people whipped themselves into a frenzy is complete bullshit. You knew that your tweet about having his returns would peak people’s interest and lure them to your show.
It’s a shame that you didn’t have a story. Not only was the return from 2005 (I was still in high school) but it proved that Trump paid his taxes. A gift to him from you.
You ran your show like it was a reality competition, waiting until the halfway mark to make your big reveal; which turned out to be nothing. But I can forgive that if you would admit that you screwed up. Also, stop placing the blame of the flop on your viewers! Of course, people had high expectations and expected some revelation. Your Rachel Maddow, a respected journalist, and Trump basher. I think what happened is the reaction you got was opposite of what you were expecting. People weren’t impressed, and according to you, it’s our fault.
Part of the problem is people don’t care about his taxes anymore. He won, he’s in office, and the world didn’t end. It’s a bit shaken up but for most Americans, our day to day is the same as it was under Obama, Bush and Clinton. Yeah, Muslim Americans lives have a little more edge to them now, but they’ve had that since 9/11. Trump is also going after illegal aliens, but every president has, it just wasn’t a centerpiece of their platform, so the news coverage wasn’t there. All in all, life has continued as always. People are exhausted from politics, protesting and doom and gloom news coverage. They are now focused on their lives, not Trump’s tax returns.
What I think is worse, is now if you try to get more tax returns people will see it as a witch hunt. You didn’t get what you wanted the first time and people will see you as gunning for him. You’ve made yourself unreliable and more biased in the view of Americans. Just another pot stirring journalist who was trying to entertain and not inform.

Just admit your mistake, there’s no shame in admitting when you’re wrong. It’s one of the first things you learn in kindergarten.

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